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You’ll noticed that most online coaching companies have a set amount of offers per month based on which package you choose (basic, silver, gold etc). I am basically one package, all in, no limit on communication or what I have to offer. This is what I look for in a coach and is what I believe to be essential for providing my athlete/client what they need to reach their goals (our goals!).  Along side communication, I believe that honesty and trust between athlete/client and coach is key for success. 


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Nicole Erato is a plant-based, all-round athlete whose primary focus is triathlon. She is currently the top female triathlete on St. Maarten, her home country. Her impressive resume of races can be found here. She is also currently a triathlete in the SPA (St. Maarten Promising Athletes) Program. She is training for and will be competing in the 2018 Caribbean and Central American Games in Barranquilla, Columbia representing St. Maarten. In 2019 she will be competing in the Pan American Games in Lima, Peru and potentially in 2020 she will be representing St. Maarten at the Olympics in Japan. In February 2017 Nicole was Sint Maarten’s Department of Sports Athlete of the Month and is an Ironman Gold All World Athlete (2018). 

Nicole also helps to organize the “SXM Ladies Rides” (, which allows women new to cycling to build their confidence. Her motto of “living by active example” shows those around her that hard work pays off and true dedication will shine through. In between her heavy training schedule, Nicole has dedicated herself to a life of healthy living and eating, including a plant-based diet which fuels her body and aids her strength, endurance and recovery. Her nutrition strategy comes from Dr. Michael Greger (, a world renowned doctor dedicated to research based nutrition. In addition to this Nicole offers Online Coaching. If you are interested in working with Nicole you can click here for more information.


St. Maarten (Caribbean)  
March 16th, 1991
Currently Living:
In St. Maarten 
Favorite TV Show:
Don't watch much TV. The Voice or Survivor maybe. 
Favorite Food:
That's tough! Depends on the day. Today it's locally grown (St. Maarten) mangos!
Favourite After Dinner Treat:
Cayley's homemade chocolate-chip and peanut-butter cookies!

Favorite Beer:
I don't drink alcohol.
Best Cup of Coffee: 
I try to avoid caffeine unless I'm racing. 
Favorite Restaurant:
Any restaurant that has a large vegan selection!
Favorite Celebrity:
Alicia Keys is the first that comes to mind - I like celebrities who are doing their best to make a positive change in the world.
Favorite Athlete:
Any athlete that's giving their all! 
First Real Job: 
Boat Captain 
I eat plant-based (vegan) and get most of my nutritional advice from Dr. Michael Greger from - it's what everyone should be doing! I never get sick,  I'm stronger and fitter then ever, I never get cramps, and recover quicker than anyone I know.


What is your present occupation and how do you divide your social life, work and training? 
Training takes up most of my time (up to 20hrs a week), my closest friends are family members or other athletes, so socialising for me happens before/after race events or during training and recovery days. My work is online so I can take it with me whenever I go.

You came onto the scene and reached people like Susy and others. How does it feel, is it your mental condition or youth?
I wouldn’t say it’s youth, some of the fastest competitors in the world are in the age group categories of 40+. The longer and harder you train the better you will be. I credit my success now to dedication, hard work and proper nutrition.

Who do you get your motivation from and who do you admire on the world stage and why?
There’s no one athlete that I admire. I’m inspired by athletes who compete even knowing they might get last and motivated by those around me, my family and the countless number of athletes who are still competing despite having physical disabilities.

Why do you want to race?  

I really enjoying racing, I love the physical but more so the mental challenge and mental gains that come with it. For me racing and training help me to become a better athlete but more importantly an all around better person. I can see myself racing in my 80's. The same way they say "if you become fitter in cycling, you will also be fitter for running” I feel that when I am mentally strong in races, it also translates over into my every day life. And I love that challenge. 


Nutrition?  Looks like you are Vegan. How long have you been vegan?

Yes, vegan for 5+ years. Mostly whole plant based foods. I follow Dr. Greger's (from nutrition advice. 

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