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You’ll noticed that most online coaching companies have a set amount of offers per month based on which package you choose (basic, silver, gold etc). I am basically one package, all in, no limit on communication or what I have to offer. This is what I look for in a coach and is what I believe to be essential for providing my athlete/client what they need to reach their goals (our goals!).  Along side communication, I believe that honesty and trust between athlete/client and coach is key for success. 


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Special Thanks

Technically the sport of Triathlon is an individual sport, however, I have a huge team of people standing behind me every step of the way and if it wasn't for them - many of my successes would not be possible. 


Elisa Delgado Tomei Bond
Eileen Delgado
Nathan Bond 
Judith Halley 
Vikii Erato 

Andrea Bartlett 

Uncle Marc 
Shawn Erato 

Conan Westemeyer 

Becky Lawrence 

Patricia Nolf 

Laura Little 

Lindy Bell 

John Hofman 

Irene Pizarro 

Mark Maidwell

Martijn Steffens (Physical Therapist)

Stephen Oates (Massage Therapist)

Trisport Family (Local Bike Shop) 

Dean Hodge 

Cayley Mackay (Coach/My Everything)

Scott Layton (Coach)

Susy Maidwell Piscione

Juan Pablo Piscione

Andrew Erato 

Huguette Halley

Michelle Erato

Mathew Erato

Meghan Powell and Jay Worsley  (loyal fur-baby sitters)

Jacqueline Burt

Jane May 
Liesbeth Halbertsma

Carla Templeton

Loril McDaniels
Kris B Vegan
Rolando Brison 

Travis McGarry 

Maëlle Canet 

Ben Peterson

Imre Löki
Sara Muniz
Kelsie Owens

Karol Vlk

Lesley/Shirley Bruce 

Dorina Horvath

Brett Babineaux

Debra Hyman

Cameron Wathey
Claudine Williams-Wescot 

Jeannine Elder 

Christian Keeley

Murielle Paul 

Dana Erato

Victoria Lemon

Janara Frazier

Glyn Holmes
Rob and Reut Bardach 

Nicole Halley
MaryJo Bienko 
Alex Dijkhoffz
Lydia Bonev Barthelemi 

Alexandru Ion

Christina Hassell-Martinez 

Emily Durante

John Erato
Margaret Carotenuto

Serita Sulzman

Michael Rodrigues

Amy Mendis

Shana Clark

Kris B Vegan

Ricardo Gibson

Junior Halley
Department of Sports SXM 

Mister Silveria Jacobs
St. Maarten Tourist Bureau
Lysanne Charles Arrindell
Saint Martin Cars

Atlantic Signs 

Lisa Coffi
Jonelle Richardson
Robert (Daily Herald) 
Robin Pieters
Laura Bijnsdorp
Viktoria Koczka
Raymond Vialenc 

Richard Baker 
Nagico Insurences 
Sandy Offringa
Katharina Gees
Jean Halley 

Roderick Halley

Amara Halley 

Valerie Halley

Alexandra Halley

Seaside Nature Park
And everyone who has helped share <3
Orthopaedic Manual Therapist